This beautiful Small House, with a tiny 52.5m2 footprint on a 111m2 block, points to the future of highly-crafted, sustainable and liveable home design for micro-lots and urban infill. Built mainly with sustainably-sourced timbers by Swedish master carpenter Wood Grouse Carpentry, the embodied energy is very low for a modern building.

The home is designed to reflect the shape and form of the gentle easterly breeze, and is efficient in every way imaginable; structurally, aesthetically, spatially, materially, and environmentally.

From the solar-heated ground slab to the narrow dimensions of the building, this home is incredibly easy to heat and cool. And the modern, vertical living space is a great alternative to apartment living for a couple or even a small family. 

Client & Carpentry: Pelle & Lotta Thambert/Wood Grouse Carpentry

Builder: Frank Swann Builder

Photographer: Greg Hocking